Leslie Kuban

Leslie Kuban
Work feels quite different when your talent and time is invested in a business that’s your own. Franchise business ownership has enabled me to reap the fruits of my labor while achieving my goals, controlling my schedule and enjoying a good quality of life. What’s most energizing about my career in franchise consulting is helping other new entrepreneurs realize the same rewards of business ownership. Read a bit about my entrepreneurial journey in Entrepreneur.com.
Upon graduation from Vanderbilt University, I had already operated family-owned franchises and became a franchise owner myself in 1996. As the operating partner of Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store) in Marietta GA, I joined the local support team to assist other MBE franchisees to successfully run their businesses.  After a profitable exit from MBE, my father and I co-launched the FranNet office in Atlanta in 1999. Read more about our story in Forbes Magazine where we share advice on how to mitigate your risk when choosing and funding your franchise business.
In helping over 400 new entrepreneurs transition successfully into a wide span of franchise opportunities, I’m very proud of the reputation our firm has cultivated. I’m also a guest lecturer in the MBA and EMBA programs at Emory, Georgia Tech and KSU and a founding member of the GSU Franchise Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.  In 2016, I teamed up with a rare collection of business notables to co-author “More Than Just French Fries”, an Amazon bestselling collaboration on successful business ownership through franchising.  
What sets me apart from other franchise consultants?

  1. Time in the trenches. My personal expertise as a franchise owner for twenty years gives me the perspective to help my clients assess their real opportunities, risks, and timing to make sound decisions.
  2. I’m your neighbor. I work with you face-to-face and stay connected with you “after the sale.” I love attending my clients’ grand openings and being an ongoing trusted advisor, customer and source of referrals.
  3. Franchise resale expertise. Buying an existing franchise can be an excellent option; navigating this process takes special expertise that our firm uniquely possesses.
  4. I’m comfortable with “no.” Business ownership or franchising is not right for everyone. I’ve helped hundreds determine their current timing is inopportune or they would not be happy as a business owner. You’ll get straight guidance from me. 
Let's get started today!  Call me at 770-579-3726 or email me at lkuban@frannet.com for a quick starter conversation. 

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